Friday, May 27, 2011

Really, There are More First Round Awards …

In previous blog posts, I had announced both project awards and undergraduate scholarships as part of our First Round of 2011-12 awards.  We in the INSGC office continue to evaluate the proposals that have been submitted against our funding constraints.  There is no difference in priority or quality between the previously announced awards and the ones listed below. 

Our graduate fellowship awards are intended to support student pursuing a Master’s degree (with or without a thesis), or a PhD / EdD (dissertation research proposal required).  These awards are much larger than the $1500 undergraduate awards, and there are fewer affiliates with eligible students.  It’s not surprising, then, that the total number of fellowships is seven students:

Master’s Fellowships:

Name                                                Affiliate                                    Major
Galen Harden                                  Purdue WL                     Aeronautics and Astronautics
Corie Moore                                    Ball State                        Middle School Math Education
Helena Olatunji-Fleming                 Purdue WL                     Interdisciplinary Engineering
Adam Prise                                      ISU                                Geography

Doctoral Fellowships:

Name                                    Affiliate                        Major           
Jessica Dowell              IU-Bloomington            Astronomy
Dennis Lamenti            IU-Bloomington            Astronomy
Matthew Wierman        Purdue WL                    Aeronautics and Astronautics

Additional Projects:

In addition to the awards previously announced, INSGC is pleased to be able to support the following projects for 2011-12:

Project PI                        Affiliate                        Project
Martin Fisher                  Science Central            Outreach To Space
Elizabeth Rubens            IUPUI                         Multidisiciplinary Undergrad Research Institute

In some cases, revisions of budgets and changes in the statements of work can overcome previous concerns raised in the review process.  In other cases, we just need clarification of what the proposed means to do and when.  Sometimes, the reviews just take a couple extra days to get back to us.  We don’t want to hold up the entire awarding process for everyone to wait for these elements, so some awards may be announced on slightly different schedules. 

Again, congratulations to these INSGC awardees, joining the other students, faculty, and project staff that are part of the first round of 2011-12 awards.  

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